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Friday, August 08, 2008

the king who would be teacher

Granted that you have pursued Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in that nerds’ science considered chickenfeed by Newton, Einstein and the like. Physics, anything else? Who will not be mistaken that beneath the killer looks of a very cute teacher such as you lurks a specialty on the mathematical science of natural matter and measured energy, the mere encounter of which subject speedily kills all anti-Physics students’ grades?
But then, you proceed to practice your noble profession and receive the baptism of fire in your foremost foray into teaching. You enter the class full of naughty guys hurling crumpled papers across the room or against one another and silly-acting girls giggling and shivering at the grand entrance of an adorable new hunk whom they surmise as a transferee, if not a lost student from another section. A visibly infatuated young lady offers you a seat next her: “No thanks,” you decline, “my seat awaits me at the rostrum next to the blackboard.” The whole class falls in a quick smite of paralysis when you authoritatively introduce the subject Physics, thermodynamics, quantum, etc.
Each session for both you and your class is a red-painted day, not because it goes like holiday but because it is red-alert day, as in all of you are in an atmosphere of calamity. You are good in teaching every lesson, okay, but only a quarter of your students seem to understand, most of whom even have the heart to staple “To Sir with Love” notes whenever they pass test papers/requirements. The rest of the girls either stare pointlessly at the velocity and vector formulas you have written on the board, reflect the blankness of their minds courtesy of their un-inked test answer sheets, or vividly discuss during recess yet another (though more of an emotional burden) “Physics”—your fair physique. Several boys, meanwhile, have showed sharper interest in Physical Education and Biology than in your taught subject. Aah, headache!
Your students’ daily maxims include, “A potential energy within is quite kinetic because of Mr. Loyola,” “The density of Sir’s inspiration is directly proportional to the gravity of his specialization,” “If only I were resistant of inertia, I would confirm Sir Karlo’s theory that I enjoy the law of buoyancy.” You want to admit that however you apply centrifugal force on the center of attraction, your equilibrium is disturbed, but because patience and fortitude are expected of you, you remain static. You are a teacher, that’s why.

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