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Thursday, May 25, 2006

gorgeous in the gateway palace

no, it was not sudden death. neither did i abruptly renounce my care for my blogspot and the internet altogether. just that it's hard when the mac is busted and the handsome repairman i entrusted it to seems to take forever in returning the cpu already operative. i was forced into concentrating my attention to other inclinations namely reading, writing, sound-tripping, watching tv or vcd or...traveling (hmm, were you thinking i'd say cruising?).
my nomadism is something that, well, takes me to places, literally. one point i am picking fish balls south of metro, the next i am sipping iced tea in the north. when i'm in nueva ecija, it's almost like a religion to be visiting the nearby provinces of tarlac, pampanga, and bulacan. my erstwhile colleague jopay is suprised how i do not seem to tire trotting from one town to another whenever time permits. the same bewilderment affects jangeum, who went on to say that i'm like a bird (!), able to fly and nest from coast to coast. if she was referring to human coast, i have no idea. when i joined a night swimming session in laguna a week ago, gorgeous texted that he envies my free time. if he only knew how i restrained myself from falling off the jeep along the south superhighway tracks for the rushing trucks to flatten.
so it came to pass that after meeting my student lor at the ateneo, i asked to hitch for a ride en route to cubao. the sunset painted the sky orange and purple and i have nowhere to go. i lounged at the araneta center and thought whether to visit friends in crame area (not the military boys but my fellow teachers) or to meet up boylets. i considered the second option, but zanjoe said he's at the screening of da vinci code at santa lucia east and it was not beyond me that he's not really watching the film, for if he could attend to his phone and invite me to be with him, i won't be able to sit down, view and review the movie.
destiny was weaving something for my footloose character, for just as i left gateway, i saw hunk, gorgeous' pakner in crime. yes, percy bysshy shelley, if hunk comes, can gorgeous be far behind? i was in the brink of creating a scene when after two shouts, hunk could not hear me. i supposed he plugged his ears with his i-pod earphones yet again. i cut the chase and confessed how i missed him and gorgeous, to which he replied that i was not being honest--it was gorgeous i missed more than hunk. hmm, i could put up a tent in quiapo and make hunk moonlight as seer naked from waist up so his rippling pectorals may be an added attraction.
half an hour and who do i see traipsing the glimmering foodcourt of the posh gateway? gorgeous was so divine, i felt like a desert pilgrim seeing a rapturous mirage. hunk excused himself to go to the washroom, but in silence i thanked him since he was giving me quality time alone with gorgeous. when gorgeous flashed his boyish smile, i got reminded of tantalus and the food and water receding whenever the punished king reached for them. gorgeous was opposite me, and not even a kiss! aarrgghhhhhhh!
he told me that after the night out, he will proceed to the market to purchase pork meat and vegetables since an officemate of his asked him to prepare certain dishes. "raket," gorgeous claimed. an imaginary light bulb glimmered atop my head: gorgeous cooks! if i can eat like a piranha and he can be a male jangeum, we're the proverbial match made in heaven. silly you, i smiled secretly, hansam's already a miracle for you and you harbor the delusion that's gorgeous?! just when the palatial mall amidst the middle-class araneta complex was blossoming with phantasma of flowers and heavenly perfume care of gorgeous, hunk zapped me back to reality and playfully asked the question, "o, nakita mo na si y***, solved ka na ba?" to be honest with you, hunk, i can never have enough of him--adik na adik ako sa kanya.

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