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Monday, April 06, 2009

rising to shine in braveheart

Mel Gibson’s Braveheart (Paramount Pictures, 1995) is the epic that showcases one hero’s fight against foreign invaders for his homeland’s freedom. Before the turn of the 1300s, the character William Wallace (Mel Gibson) journeys back to his native Scotland after many years of exile. Scotland’s king having died without a descendant to inherit the throne, the cruel pagan king of neighboring England is bent on conquering the orphaned kingdom. Wallace leads a brave army out to drive away the stronger English army. Ironic twists of events put England into hot water as the city of York gets into conflict with Wallace’s fleet.
Seeing the film despite its historical inaccuracy taught me that regardless of one’s heritage of smallness—something we Filipinos have in abundance with our tiny country and small economy—one can always rise out of obscurity. It takes a brave heart indeed to fight against a greater enemy. It calls to mind the works of miracles, but it can happen. It really depends on the determination to win that one can triumph over difficulties. As the film has shown, the small army was even able to have an upper hand over their battle against the English—so the small nation that we are can realize winning against our odds, be they economic, political or cultural. The film has taught me that ultimately, nothing is impossible.

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