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Monday, June 02, 2008

game character

There are pluses and minuses to being either a hero or an everyman game character. If I were to choose which character is better, I think the everyman has an upper hand over the hero because many gamers will relate to an everyman more than to a hero in terms of general experience. An everyman character is closer to a real-life human by virtue of ordinariness, which means he lacks the superpower characteristics but nonetheless capable enough to make sense of the extraordinary circumstances he finds himself immersed in. He may be a regular guy, but he does not fear the challenge of rising above himself by trying to beat a stronger opponent. His common human characteristics can also be advantageous because these can make him act rationally about how to defeat the enemy rather than harbor stupid pride that he can fight an equal and, despite the swelling self-belief, prove to be vulnerable against it. An everyman character is his own hero, an assumption that works well in any gamer who believes he can be a hero in his own right. He may not possess the superpowers of the typical hero, but is not stopped by this fact and instead, attempts to reach the most ideal being he can transform into. Why, even regular folks can become heroes!

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