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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


for dear friend albert.
Handuraw Dance Theater—not a few times did I hear about this famous act. It was beyond my wildest imagination that one day, I’d be a part of this group. I became its member full of glee and without an inch of regret because it’s in here that I experienced the meaningful thing that life is.
Early on in my first day, hardships became my baptism of fire. I had initial misgivings about staying long, but my willingness to learn had me endure no matter what. Difficulties have come aplenty until now, when I turned into a full-pledged member. It’s no laughing matter when I come to think of the strength, endurance and willpower I invested in order to belong.
Sincerity, integrity, determination, public dedication and industry—all these are ingredients to prepare myself to become an authentic dancer. In this group, I attest that there’s more to dancing for dancing’s sake: dancers must know how to bring wonder to their audience. Rehearsals alone can extract so much sweat, blood, and tears from our battered bodies; it may cost our lives but it doesn’t matter so long as our dancing makes our spectators happy. If only for the rounds of applause and praises, our dancing experience is worth it.
I also discovered that better than the skillfulness in dancing, right attitude and outlook fare. I will stand for this group; it is here where my true and admirable personality became polished. I and my fellow dancers offer our special craft to our audience, to the people we gladden, and to the ones who show us endless and unconditional love and concern. I must thank this group for opening my eyes to the genuine nature of life that’s to communicate happiness to others.
Because of the joys and sufferings we have experienced, I and my fellow dancers learned to face the world. More importantly, I brim with pride for my beloved and one-of-a-kind Handuraw Dance Theater.

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